Lemon and Dill Salad Dressing



Lemon and Dill Salad Dressing

I made this last weekend to have on my lunch throughout the week. First off I started it with a salad of mixed green leaves (such as rocket), olives, baby tomatoes and feta cheese. I then served it with mixed salad leaves (such as lettuce) and smoked salmon and it still tasted fine, so it is quite versatile. There aren’t proper measurements as yet, as I tend to just make it up as I go along- I added and tasted until it was how I wanted it to taste so it’s really all down to personal preference. 


Mayonnaise (I used just under jar- one of the bigger ones not the tiny ones)

Fresh dill- can be bought in bunches from the supermarket

Lemon juice

Ground black pepper and salt to taste

2 crushed garlic cloves (I used this as I wanted to add a little mustard but had none so decided to add garlic!!) 


1. Whisk the mayonnaise until it softens and is easier to mix

2. Whisk all the ingredients together. I find with fresh herbs, it’s easier to cut them down with scissors- it’s quicker, easier to gauge the size of each cutting and you don’t lose any flavour while you’re hacking away on a chopping board!!

3. (Optional) Transfer your dressing to a clean empty jar- the size of the jar of mayonnaise I used was about the perfect size for the yield I produced. 

For the first salad, I just mixed the dressing with halved baby tomatoes, salad leaves, black olives and cubed feta cheese. For the second I mixed salad leaves with smoked salmon trimmings. Enjoy!





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